Book review: 7½ Lessons about the Brain

As neuropsychologists and many others will already be aware, Lisa Feldman-Barrett is in the top 1% of most-cited scientists around the world for her work in psychology and neuroscience. She is affiliated with Northeastern University, Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School.  Her most recent book, 7½ Lessons about [...]

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How can workplaces better support their people?

Our people are our biggest asset.  This is true at all times. Intensifying this for employers at present, there is widespread recognition that finding good workers has never been harder, while talented people are resigning from jobs to seek more autonomy and latitude in their working lives.   How [...]

2022-04-11T10:54:19+12:00March 25th, 2022|

Moving towards flourishing — no matter your pandemic mental state

For many, the pandemic has taken mental health out of the four walls of the psychologist’s office and brought it into the everyday – into dinner table conversations and workplace video-calls. We are more comfortable asking each other how we are, and more comfortable answering honestly when we respond ourselves.  [...]

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Finding your sweet spot of meaning, purpose and wellbeing at work

A classic parable, told over many years in various adaptions, begins with the story of three people building a church. The first person, when asked by a passer-by what they are doing, replies that they are laying bricks. The second person responds that they are building a wall. The [...]

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